Saturday, December 4, 2010

December already???

12.1.10 – It’s already December! My great girl friends in Charlotte, Neely and Becky, threw Brad and me a goodbye party before we left for China. One thing they did was bought us a book, Living Abroad in China, and a really cool Tennessee football 2010 calendar, comprised of official game day program art from 1900-1970. They had people who came to the party sign both. I LOVED that then and still love it now. At the very end of the November page my friend Jillian wrote, “You’ve been gone 3 months, the leaves have fallen here, the nights are cool, gone are the days by the pool, you’re settling into your new home, you realize now there’s nothing to fear, time to enjoy your life’s callin.” L.O.V.E. that. God has blessed me with super friends.


  1. awww... i love that too. I hope you do feel settled in and that there's nothing to fear :-) But there are things to miss... like ME! i love you!

  2. what a sweet note from jillian. loved that calendar idea!

  3. Just read this post...I miss you so much Dana! I'm glad you have the calendar to enjoy!! I kept thinking of you as I watched a certain scene of A Christmas Story over the holidays! Bec