Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hubei for the Holidays - Thanksgiving Part 2

This holiday business is now a little ridiculous, I understand, but I feel a need to finish what I have started.   Thanksgiving Part 2!

We hosted!  We may have had more people at our house for Thanksgiving than you did at yours (12 at it's peak, 10 who stayed for dinner)!  We didn't have turkey (chicken had to do), but we had just about everything else: mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, homemade rolls, etc.  Yours truly even made her first pumpkin pie ALL.BY.HERSELF.  I had no idea moving to China would make me so domesticated!  Move over Emily Richardson.  Next holiday season I'm bringing a pie to your dinner party and I'm NOT going to buy it from a store.

Apps: Brad's homemade salsa and avocado dip.  YUM
Kevin, Amber, Charlene, Lesley, Watermelon, Camille
In this photo Brad shows how using a small plate is the trick to not overeating.
Not quite as pretty as my mom's, but equally as exciting and HOMEMADE!

 Meanwhile, Back at San Zhong - #3 High School
It turns out that no one is too old for the traditional and ever so labor intensive turkey hand.   After the usual warm-up and a brief history of Thanksgiving (during which time I mimicked being tossed from side to side on a ship, then grieved the loss of 1/2 of my fellow pilgrims to the terrible winter of 1621),  I wowed my students by creating a perfectly drawn turkey with the help of my little left hand. 

I explained that on Thanksgiving people eat a big feast (key vocabulary word), spend time with family and friends, and think about what they are so thankful for and happy about in their own lives. 
As the bell rings, a few students jump up
to get another good look at my family. 
Jeff rocks the turkey.
Perfect Man rocks the turkey.