Saturday, February 6, 2010

time for a shower

Dana got to go to a baby shower today which meant that I got to stay home and be a boy. I went outside to play. I continued to work on the deck. It was cold, wet, and MUDDY today! Thanks to God for this day, I got to use my hands to create, smell a fire, get extremely dirty/muddy, and reminisce. As my boots got stuck in the thick mud every step I took, I was reminded of a time at the lake playing in the mud.
My cousins and I hauled the canoe down to the water to paddle around and found our way to the back, where the stream feeds the channel. For some reason the water was low that day and a large area of thick, gooey mud was exposed. Seeing the conditions before us, there was only one thing to do...take off our shoes and play!
We stayed until our mom's voices shouting our names filled the air telling us it was time for supper. It seemed as if we had just gotten there, feeling the mud in between our toes and sinking at times up to our knees-having to save one another from being sucked down into Fraggle Rock...but, I guess that's how time goes in heaven. One of those days that you wish the sun would never go down.
Maybe tomorrow I will go outside and play for a bit without by boots on.