Friday, November 12, 2010

11.9.10 - Qingdao Starbucks

My computer has had a lot of problems recently accessing the internet, including today. I am at Starbucks where I am pretty sure I should be able to get WIFI, but my computer is not able to pick it up. That’s actually one of the reasons why I’m here on my day off, so it’s extra frustrating. Sorry friends and family, I was going to try to Skype and update the blog, but no luck. Fortunately all is not lost, as most outings do lead to amusing adventures.

I got here right at 10:00AM. I haven’t had my usual Starbucks favorite of a skim vanilla latte (thanks sister Lindsey) since leaving so I was excited to finally enjoy one. I asked the girl at the counter if they had skim milk. She replied yes in a way that I felt silly for even asking. I ordered my grande vanilla latte with skim milk and the price came to 51 RMB. That my friends, was crrrazy. I glanced up at the board and noticed that a grande latte was 26 RMB (around $4) and then wondered how much the shot of vanilla cost me. She handed me the receipt and there were two charges, written in Chinese symbols of course, one for 20 and one for 30. I didn’t want to be so bold, but I asked her what they were for. She said the vanilla latte was 30 and the skim milk was 20. Wow, I thought, it’s a high price to be healthy in China. As I a grabbed my latte, found a table, and waited for my computer to turn on, I began thinking about my next blog. It was going to be about how impossible it is to find healthy things to eat here. As my mind kept rolling about what to say, and then I felt discouraged noticing that my computer couldn’t access the internet, the girl who took my order brought me my mug of warm skim milk.

Who knew that being a coffee drinker would be so confusing?! Erin, go’head and pour one out for a little calcium.


  1. I am sipping on a grande nonfat vanilla latte RIGHT NOW!!! that is funny that she brought you a separate cup of warm milk! did you drink the warm skim milk? Do they not ever get requests for lattes made with skim milk? that is hilarious. so glad you found some internet and were able to post!! LOVE YOU!!

  2. that is crazy!! yes, i'm curious too -- did you drink both?? was the latte good?? what was in that, i wonder? haha you'll probably get all the kinks worked out as your time there ends. you'll have to leave "an american girl's guide" for the next set of teachers. love you!