Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hubei for the Holidays... Halloween, Part 1

Just English School in Daye City, China opened up last year,  but we wouldn't have known that with all the hoopla and excitement over Halloween!  The halls were decorated with ghosts, skeletons, and witches and almost 90 students attended the party.  YIKES!   

English training schools in China love Halloween and think it is such an important American holiday! 

Here are some pictures from JUST school's party last year:

Pumpkin Carving was a HUGE hit!
Team games: Three legged-race
bobbing for apples
Just gave these out to all party-goers.  Brad and I tried to explain
what 'dressing up' was, but this was as far as it got.
 All masks had to be returned before leaving.

Teachers at JUST English School during the adult-only party. 
Everyone loved carving pumpkins!

This year JUST ENGLISH SCHOOL limited their numbers, added a talent show (very culturally Chinese), and a couple kids actually wore a costume!

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