Friday, May 27, 2011

Laoshan Mt. - A trip up a Chinese mountain with American friends

cool viewsI'm hungry, but let's not wake her up... what's next?
never mind, not that hungry
laoshan waterfall.. haha seriously. get excited. how much do you love her? would you engrave your names and throw away the key? brad wasn't with us (work- booo!) so i didn't have to test him.i swear something about this picture makes me think 1965. maybe just the rounded corners- thank you america we have mountain trails and you get dirty when climbing. in china you stay clean on the mountain but then get dirty walking through trash and mud on the street. i teach social studies. i can't resist a pic of terracing. i'm sure my students will be SO appreciative someday. you know how excited middle schoolers can be about learning. Oh no! hold on!phew - safe and sound and a tad more normalgetting closer to the top!seriously lady, you can't be shy if you want your stall at the top of the mountain.travis and marissa - cute cute cuteand me too, i'm cute too. (kidding - shout out to sister lindsey)laoshan water or beer. what's your pleasure?pour one out for reaching the last stop on the way down for some good chinese bargaining. adam was going to get his way!... and he did - i didn't... stupid.... i guess it is cost effective to know chinese.awww - back home at the da xue (university) and all back together. do you notice what's in the background???surprise! it's business - i mean cornhole time... brad's so crafty.rock it mrs. ball. show us whatchu got.good times. :)

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  1. yeah girl! you are cute too :-) i love that Brad got corn hole in china!! How did that happen??