Sunday, January 10, 2010

the journey

Dana and I will finish this school year at John Taylor Williams and prepare ourselves to begin work in the People's Republic of China. We will be teaching English at Huawen College in Qingdao, China. Dr. Clerico has a relationship with our contacts at the college and has been there himself. He speaks highly of the school, people, and city. We are communicating with one of the leaders of the school on the specifics of our duties and responsibilities. What I know at this point is, we can teach English at the college and might have opportunities to teach younger learners as well.
Qingdao seems to have a wonderful mix of old and new China. It is one of the major, "open," port cities in China that is allowed to host international festivals. It is located on the Shandong Peninsula bordered by vast coastline on one side and mountains on the other.
Qingdao welcomed settlers 6,000 years ago and is the birthplace of Taoism. Through the years it has seen emperors and dynasties come and go, leaving their marks after disputes, celebrations of voyages, and construction of temples.
This city of 7 million hosted the 2008 Olympic Game sailing events in Fushan Bay. These waters are also home to some of China's top ocean research centers. Besides its research centers, Qingdao is a key textile, light, and chemical production center for China ranking it 11th in overall economic strength.
Huawen Mandarin College is an affiliate of Qingdao University. It is a language school with the intent to prepare and place students in colleges and universities in the United States. The U.S. Prep and Placement Program's three main components are: to emphasize conversation, listening comprehension, reading, introduction to academic language and American culture, to assist students in the college research and application process, and to help students apply for a Visa.
Huawen College is one of 10 colleges/universities in Qingdao. The city is made up of 450 high schools, 100 secondary technical schools and 1,100 primary schools.
Dana and I are very excited about this opportunity to travel, teach, and bear witness to the students of China.
We ask for your thoughts and prayers through this experience. God has placed a spirit in both of us to be a part of education. He has coupled that spirit with the heart for other cultures. He designed us both with the mind and soul needed to adapt to, appreciate, and enjoy living outside our personal sphere of influence and perceived level of comfort. We will start our journey together with steps of faith. The same faith that has bestowed us with the knowledge that God has provided our perfect provision with whom to walk. We thank you for what you have been to us in the past and look forward to seeing what you will become to us in the future.


  1. We're so excited for you guys and this journey. We're extra excited that we'll get to follow your journey on your blog. PS LOVE the cool edits to the pictures!

  2. ummmm. You guys are stinkin' CUTE!!!! If I could get my hands.. I mean camera on you...

  3. We are so proud of you guys and love you SO much! So glad to be walking the journey with you!

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog..what a journey you have ahead of you! Thank you for serving God in this way...God Bless!

  5. Bernadette ChilcoteJanuary 31, 2010 at 6:05 PM

    Dana, you are so like your wonderful father! I am happy for you and will keep you both in my prayers. I expect to hear updates from your dad on Facebook! God bless!